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When you travel with us, you will be treated as family.  We understand coaches, buses and transport but also understand what it’s like especially if you have never chartered a vehicle before.  We are with you every step of the way.

Family is important to us because we are family in more ways than one.

Two families own and operate the business. the Booth family have four members of the family working in the business.

John and Lorraine Cronshaw were the founders and now the second generation Jason Cronshaw is working in the business with his wife.  Their children can’t wait to be able to join in too!

Our company is a proud member of Family Business Australia.

We also treat all our team as family members with a motto of “family comes first”.

We understand that families are important and if a situation comes up where a team member needs to be with their family, they are encouraged to call up to say they have a family issue to work through and need to be re-rostered.

This also helps them to be fully focussed when on the job so they can serve you with excellence.


Service, now you may read this and say oh yes everybody offers or promises good service or great service, and you are right.

We absolutely offer great service, and that is extremely important for our business.  We wouldn’t have so many repeat customers if we didn’t.

We also have another meaning for service. We are in business to also give back to the community.  We service our community not only by providing quality transport and tours but we offer a number of complimentary days to local, state and national charities.

Charities we Support


Seeing as we have been in business since 1974, I am sure you can understand that there has been many up’s and down’s, but we are still here and we intend to be here for many years to come.

Our Team

Jason Cronshaw

Managing Director
Having grown up in and around the family business, Jason has always been interested in travel & tourism.  Having operated the Backpacker Travel Centre, Jason brings a wide range of experiences to the team. As the Managing Director of the overall company, Jason’s role is to guide the direction of the Fantastic Aussie Tours group as we grow into the future.

John Cronshaw

Founding Director
John is the founding director of the overall company operations,and has organised and operated Australian Tours since before 1974. He is actively involved in the Bush Church Aid Society and a member of Gideons International. John can be found behind the wheel of a coach anywhere in Australia or escorting one of the International Tours.

To take advantage of our wealth of knowledge, experience, and our passion to serve you well, get in touch with us today.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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