Private Group Tours

Are you planning a group tour?

For family members travelling together, specialist groups such as churches, Probus, Seniors, Clubs and Associations, there is nothing like travelling together and enjoying each others’ company
You are invited to experience the professional expertise of the team at Fantastic Aussie Tours who put together group itineraries Australia Wide and Internationally for groups of all sizes.
For small groups where the cost of chartering a coach may put the holiday out of the budget range, you may find that with careful use of public transport and connections, holidays together become very affordable. The holiday package may then be a mixture of what we call “seat in coach” and “FIT” – Free and Independent travelling.
It may be possible to bring two smaller groups together and we can plan an itinerary that suits both so the combined numbers make the holiday affordable.
Don’t be daunted by the prospect of planning a tour for a group. From the first call you will realise that we are here to help and are able to greatly assist you. From the organisation of the itinerary, then the printing of small flyers to assist you in the promotion of the tour down to taking the reservations form your people, the hassle is removed. Then it just comes time to sit back, relax and enjoy the group holiday.