Our Commitment To You

Important points you should know before you charter a coach:

Licensing and Accreditation

In selecting a Tour Operator, you should choose a company that is licensed by the government to conduct tours and charters.  In NSW this is administered by Transport New South Wales and is called accreditation.

This is your guarantee that accredited operators of coaches and buses are subject to government regulations, including regular mechanical and safety inspections, and that the drivers of those vehicles are suitably qualified and hold the relevant authority to drive public passenger vehicles.

Further follow-up could be made with a professional body such as NSW Bus & Coach Association, Australian Bus & Coach Association or a regulatory authority such as NSW Transport.

Accredited operators will display the company Certificate of Accreditation number on the driver's side of each vehicle and authorised drivers will display their driver authority inside the vehicle that they are driving.

Safety Considerations

From many years' experience in carrying passengers across Australia, coach companies and transport authorities have developed rules and regulations for the coach industry.

It is in your interest to choose a coach company that fully complies with vehicle and driver safety regulations.  It would not be legal nor sensible to expect a coach company to operate outside these rules.

You should be aware that:

• Coaches and buses have a legal seating capacity which must not be exceeded.
• Drivers should be trained and must be licenced for the type and capacity of the vehicle and hold required appropriate authority to drive a public passenger vehicle.
• Strict driving hour regulations are in force for drivers of public passenger vehicles.  A coach driver must not drive more than 12 hours in any 24-hour period and must take a minimum of 30 minutes' rest in any 5.5-hour period.
• Drivers must carry and maintain a log book or similar record of hours of driving and breaks.
• Tourist vehicles must be fitted with a vehicle monitoring device which records speed and distance through time whilst the vehicle is being operated.
• Drivers must observe all posted speed limits.
• The vehicle must not be driven at more that 100km/h under any circumstance.  Many vehicles are 'speed limited', making it impossible for them to exceed 100km/h.
• The company must hold the necessary accreditation to operate their advertised services.

Observing these guidelines will help the coach and bus industry to maintain its excellent safety record. Accident statistics reveal coach and bus travel as the safest form of road-going transport in Australia.